e-Government (short for electronic government, also known as e-gov, digital government, online government or transformational government) is creating a comfortable, transparent, and cheap interaction between government and citizens (G2C – government to citizens), government and business enterprises (G2B –government to business enterprises) and relationship between governments (G2G – inter-agency relationship). – Wikipedia

With more than 7 years experience working full-time with Government, I was able to achieve several projects which actually helping citizens to get better services and a faster execution of their Governmental procedures; in addition to the obtention of several awards for the institution I have worked with.

My expertise within governments goes mainly in these fields :

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Business process Re-engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture & IT Service Management (TOGAF, ITIL)
  • OpenGov / OpenData

    Feel free to contact me for more information.