Areas of Expertise


Green Computing

As an energy engineer specialized in energy and environment, one of my missions is to advise businesses with best practice designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing  of computers, servers, and associated subsystems. Green IT consultancy include : Energy usage analysis Advisory with best practice to optimize your IT Designing energy-efficient IT infrastructure for new businesses According […]

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e-Government (short for electronic government, also known as e-gov, digital government, online government or transformational government) is creating a comfortable, transparent, and cheap interaction between government and citizens (G2C – government to citizens), government and business enterprises (G2B –government to business enterprises) and relationship between governments (G2G – inter-agency relationship). – Wikipedia With more than […]

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Open Source

Today Open Source solutions reached a high level of maturity to become widely adopted in Enterprise and Governments. Lots of Open Source solutions are available in the market and during the last years I have been helping Enterprise and Governments to make these implementations successful. Open Source technologies include : Linux, Solaris, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, […]

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