OpenJORT : Opening up Tunisia’s Official Gazette

One of the biggest resource for Government information in Tunisia is its official Gazette that we call in our dialect “JORT”. All official laws and publications cannot be considered applicable before it’s published officially in this gazette, beside some exceptions. And in the Tunisian official Gazette (TAG) all kind of informations are published in PDF, […]

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MySQL RAND for social media

I don’t usually recommend auto-posting in social media however some applications require this behavior, and there should be an ethical way of doing this. CaptchaFailures is my new security startup, even if its concept may looks complex to some of you, the idea behind it is pretty simple. In this post I won’t introduce CaptchaFailures […]

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Fakeproc, Your account has been Hacked !

In less than a month, after migrating to a new server, one of my accounts have been compromised ! The problem that the server goes online with a default configuration, that I wasn’t expecting that dangerous ! And the time to configure it correctly was so long, as it was under attack from day Zero […]

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